DUNSRight®: The Foundation of Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Quality

Our proprietary data-quality technology delivers information you can trust on customers, prospects, and suppliers to guide business functions and corporate strategy.

Dun & Bradstreet’s data quality and sophisticated matching capabilities are world-class.

Dun & Bradstreet is the leading provider that goes beyond aggregating content to actually distilling it. We collect data from over 30,000 sources, including yours, and put it through our rigorous DUNSRight® Quality Process. Our proprietary and patented processes and expert staff of industry-specific business analysts and data experts offer unbiased, unique insights on the top 43,000 global companies, including publicly traded and private ones. You get one clear picture of your business universe with de-duplicated records, additional company and contact information, and related businesses linked in corporate families.These powerful tools help to identify profitable opportunities, fuel growth, and realize positive bottom-line and top-line results.

Total companies in the database: 253.4 million

  • 121 million active companies in the database available for risk, supply, sales & marketing and e-business decisions.
  • 132.4 million inactive companies available with historical information for file matching and data cleansing purposes.

Active companies by Region:

Africa: 1,172,221
Asia Pacific: 27,222,421
Europe: 49,441,068
Middle East: 1,492,160
Latin America: 17,487,318
North America: 24,227,676
Grand Total: 121,042,864

Dun & Bradstreet Global Information File Inventory - As of January, 2016

Total Number of Businesses: 253,430,472
Payment and Bank Experiences: Over 1 billion
Public Records (includes Suits, Liens, Judgments and Bankruptcies): Over 181 million
Company Records part of a Family Tree: 18,262,751

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