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A B C Company Limited
123 Fourth St
Etobicoke, ON M8V 2Y6
Tel.: (905) 812-5941
D-U-N-S:  24-793-3872
This is a single location
Chief Executive: Mr. Terry Smith, President
   (Additional contacts available)
Sales:$47,550,000 (Fiscal)
Employees:200 Total (110 here)
Year Started:1951
Control Year:1951
Primary Industry:5311 - Department Stores
Tradestyle(s):Canadian Stores

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 Risk SummaryTop
Risk of late payment for this company:Payment performance trend versus 90 days ago:
Credit Score Class: 0

The payment performance trend for this company is declining.
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 Legal FilingsTop
The following data includes both open and closed filings found in D&B's Database on the subject company:
Record TypeTotal RecordsValue
The public record items reported may have been paid, terminated, vacated or released prior to the date this data is transmitted.
 Additional ContactsTop
Mr. Bob Henderson Controller
Mr. Trevor Lawrence Director
DISCLAIMER: THIS REPORT MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED IN WHOLE OR IN PART IN ANY FORM OR MANNER WHATSOEVER. This report, furnished pursuant to contract for the exclusive use of the subscriber as one factor to consider in connection with credit, insurance, marketing or other business decisions, contains information compiled from sources which D&B CANADA does not control and whose information, unless otherwise indicated in the report, has not been verified. In furnishing this report, D&B CANADA in no way assumes any part of the user's business risk, does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information provided, and shall not be liable for any loss or injury whatever resulting from contingencies beyond its control or from negligence.

Appendix - Glossary of terms used in this report:
D-U-N-S® - The D&B D-U-N-S® number is a non-indicative, nine-digit number assigned to each business location identified in the D&B database as having a unique, separate, and distinct operation. Maintained solely by D&B, the D&B D-U-N-S (Data Universal Numbering System) Number is used by industries and organizations around the world as a global standard for business identification and tracking.
Location - “Single” location means that there are no reported branches or other locations for this business. “Headquarters” means that this location is considered the headquarters for the business and there are branches or subsidiaries or other locations affiliated with the headquarters.
Sales - This provides a snapshot of a company's financial size in terms of sales/revenue volume. “Projected” indicates a projected sales volume provided by management. “Fiscal” means figures were taken from an income statement or provided verbally by management. “Estimated” means an estimated sales volume. “Modeled” means a sales volume that has been statistically modeled by D&B to represent the approximate size of sales for a company based on factors such as industry, number of employees, etc.
Employees - “Total” is the total number of employees for this business for all their locations. “Here” means the number of employees at this specific physical location.
Year started - This indicates the year the company started operations.
Control year - This indicates the year the present management took control of the company. It can be the same as, or later than, year started.
Primary industry and secondary industry - The industry or industries for a company are represented by a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) numeric code and description. The SIC is a standardized numbering system that classifies business establishments according to the industries they belong to. It is particularly helpful when you're looking to segment markets, analyze customer relationships, and conduct general business research.
SIC codes divide all major economic activity into ten major divisions. Businesses are then further classified within each division. The first two digits in the code represent a company's major industry affiliation and its subdivision. For example, the first two digits in “Manufacturing,” one of the ten major SIC divisions, range from 20 to 39. The remaining digits break down the divisions into specific activities and “sub-industries.” If more than one SIC Code is listed, the first one is the company's primary line of business, with others comprising at least 10 percent of the company's revenue. A maximum of six SIC's will be listed for a company.
For a free copy of the complete D&B Standard Industrial Classification code table, visit and go to the “Free Stuff” section.
Tradestyle - This is the name of the company by which is commonly known or by which is does business.
Risk of Late Payment section - This section is based on the D&B Commercial Credit Score (CCS). The CCS predicts the likelihood that a company will pay its bills in a severely delinquent manner within the next 12 months based on the information in D&B’s files. A severely delinquent firm is defined as a business with at least 25% of its payments slow and at least 20% of its payments 90 days or more past due or one or more financial embarrassment or 20% or more payment experiences with negative comments. The Credit Score Class segments the scoreable business universe into five distinct risk groups where a one (1) represents businesses that have the lowest probability of severe delinquency, and a five (5) represents businesses with the highest probability of severe delinquency. A detailed 24 month history of a company’s CCS including industry peer comparison can be found in the D&B Comprehensive Report.
Payment Performance Trend section - This is a representation of the trend of the D&B Paydex versus 90 days ago. The D&B Paydex is a unique, dollar-weighted indicator of payment performance based on up to 650 payment experiences as reported to D&B by trade references. The D&B Paydex gives an overview how a company has been paying its bills, within or beyond the agreed terms, as reported to D&B. The Credit eValuator Report provides the trend of the Paydex versus 90 days ago. A detailed 24 month history of a company’s Paydex including industry peer comparison, current payment experiences and more can be found in a D&B Payment Profile Report.
Suits, Liens, Judgments - This section represents the number and value of legal filings related to this company. Legal filings are monitored by D&B on a daily basis. Therefore the absence of Information in this section indicates that D&B has not received any negative information from the Canadian court systems on this company. More detailed information on legal filings can be found in a D&B Business Information Report.
Additional Contacts - This is a list of officers and managers of a company, in addition to the Chief Executive.
 For high risk decisions, consider the D&B Comprehensive Report. It contains information such as company summary, payment details and summary, D&B Paydex, delinquency score, failure score, company history, operations, financial statements (where available), financial ratios, details of legal and public filings and more.