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Comprehensive Business Information Report

An informative, in-depth evaluation of a company's financial outlook. This easy-to-read report provides data helpful in predicting a company's potential financial stress. The report contains key information about a company including credit scores and payment habits


Bank Report 1

Provides you with a business' legal name confirmation, registration, and current banking information. This includes length of relationship, account type, outstanding loans, recent NSF activity, and the bank's contact information. This report also contains all historical information archived in the Canada Legal Referral (CLR) database.

Trade Report 1

Provides you with trade reference responses that include information on length of relationship, outstanding balances, credit limits, payment terms, average payment time, and overall rating of the account.

Bank and Trade Report 1

Provides all the information found in the Bank Report as well as the Trade Report.


Corporate Profile Report 2

Provides information on corporations such as registration date, current government status, registered address, name and addresses for Directors to the corporation, and any affiliations to the corporation.

1Bank, Trade, and Bank & Trade reports on Canada, USA, and International companies are fulfilled by a 3rd Party and require investigation, so they will be delivered within 72 hours of receiving the completed Bank Authorization Form.
2Corporate Profile reports are fulfilled by a 3rd Party and will be delivered upon receiving the required information.