D&B Refund & Cancellation Policy

D&B Refund & Cancellation Policy

D&B is committed to the success of our customers. We accomplish this by listening to our customers and providing services that uniquely help them. Customers can:

  • Improve their cash flow through the use of D&B credit reports and avoiding dealing with risky businesses
  • Expand their business with the ability to find potential customers or vendors through D&B business files

The depth of information in domestic D&B credit decision reports will vary based on the information collected directly from the report subject and third party sources, presence or absence of public fillings, credit activity and age of business. D&B credit decision reports may or may not contain financial statements, trade information, principal antecedents and/or public fillings.

For refunds requests due to a lack of credit decisioning information, please contact us via email at cic@dnb.com or call us at (800) 463 6362 within 5 days of purchase. No refunds will be issued where a credit decisioning score has been provided and the information contained in the business file has been validated.

This policy is only applicable to D&B credit reports ordered through a publicly available D&B website. No refunds will be issued outside of this policy.

The Terms and Conditions and this Refund & Cancellation Policy may be amended from time to time. Any amendment is effective upon posting of the latest version on the Customer Support web page. Your continued use of the licensed Services following notice of any such amendment shall be conclusively deemed an acceptance of such amendment.

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