Glossary of Terms

Payment Details Section
Found in the Business Information and Comprehensive Insight Plus Reports, the Payment Detail Section displays a listing of recent payments reported to D&B. Each line (up to 80) provides the most recent information secured through company trade tapes and other D&B data collection methods. It's important to note that an unusually large number of transactions during a single month or time period may indicate a seasonal purchasing pattern. The following manners of payment appear most frequently in this section:
  • Antic - payments are received prior to date of invoice (Anticipated).
  • Disc - payments are received within trade discount period (Discount).
  • Ppt - payments are received within terms granted (Prompt).
  • Slow - payments are beyond vendor's terms. For example, "Slow 30" means payments are 30 days past due.
  • Ppt-Slow - some invoices are paid within terms, others are paid beyond terms.
  • (#) -indicates that no manner of payment was provided; the number merely reflects the line where it appears in the listing. For example, (004) means it is the fourth experience listed.
  • Payment Commentary - such as "Cash in Advance," "Account in Dispute," "Credit Refused," or "Placed for Collection" may also display next to trade details. "Placed for Collection" means the account was forwarded to a third party for collection action during the past year.
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