Glossary of Terms

Payment Trend Profile Report
The Payment Trend Profile is included in the Credit eValuator Plus, Business Information, SelfMonitor, and Comprehensive Insight Plus Reports. The Payment Trends Profile expands on the payment information available in the reports to help you better understand the payment patterns, history and trends of a particular business. Key features of the Payment Trends Profile include:

Visual summaries: Designed for at-a-glance reading, the profile's charts and summaries help you more quickly assess payment habits of customers and prospects.

Historical PAYDEX trends: D&B's PAYDEX is an exclusive, dollar-weighted numerical indicator of how a firm paid its bills over the past year, based on payment experiences reported to D&B. Get the historical view here, with up to 12 months of PAYDEX history reported and charted.

Industry payment benchmarks: Compare this business's payment patterns with the industry segment to help you establish appropriate credit lines. You get the current industry median, as well as the industry range (expressed as upper and lower quartiles), for the past 4 quarters.
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