Comprehensive Insight Plus Report for
Report Printed: February 7, 2013
D-U-N-S #: 80-473-5132 
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At-A-Glance Summary
Instruction Guide
Likelihood this company will experience financial stress in the next 12 months SIGNIFICANT  Likelihood this company will not pay on time over the next 12 months HIGH 
Financial Stress Class: 4
Credit Score Class: 4
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D&B offers guidance on credit limits for this company based on its profile as well as profiles of other companies similar in size, industry, and credit usage Get details
Payment History & Trends
Timeliness of historical payments for this company** SLOW Payment performance trend over the past 90 days

D&B PAYDEX® : 73

Industry benchmark: Slow
**Based on 27 trade experiences on file with D&B

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Public Filings
Evidence of bankruptcy, fraud, or criminal proceedings in the history of this business or its management NO 
Noteworthy special events in this company's file NO   
Number of suits, liens and judgments for this company 7 Get details
Value of open suits, liens and judgments for this company $200 Get details
Value of open records refers only to 10 most recent filings for each record type.
Customer Service
   Need help? Call Customer Service at (800) 333-0505, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Local Time.
Fast Facts
492 Koller Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel: 650 555-0000
D-U-N-S #: 80-473-5132
D&B Rating: 3A4
Company Stats
Year incorporated   1985
Year started  1985
Employees  130 ( 110 here)
Financial condition FAIR
statement date 
Dec 31, 2010
Net worth F $1,075,695
Sales F $21,665,429
Manager  Leslie Smith , Pres
S.I.C.  2752
Lithographic commercial printing
This is a headquarters location.
Branch(es) or division(s) exist.
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