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International Business Information Report
International Business Information Report
The D&B Business Information Report, D&B's corner stone product, has become a standard for decision support for medium to high-risk decisions. Each section provides valuable information to help you make more profitable business decisions and strengthen your business marketing and credit programs. The Business Information Report can be your key source for information on a firm's identity, operations, profitability and stability.
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International Business Information Report
Provides detailed business credit information, including credit history and analysis.
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Use a Business Information Report to help you:

  • make daily credit decisions
  • limit your risk exposure
  • determine the stability of new or existing customers
  • plan for a sales call
  • check backgrounds of new clients
  • identify corporate relationships & potential conflicts of interest
  • obtain business details for research needs
  • keep pace with major changes that can impact business relationships
  • evaluate potential vendors and suppliers

Key Business Information Report Features:

Summary: Gives you an instant snapshot of a firm with key informationsuch as sales, net worth, financial condition and the D&B Rating.

Special Events: Alerts you to major changes in a company, suchas acquisitions, changes in ownership, fires, burglaries, and bankruptcies.PAYDEX® Score: Provides you with a unique, dollar-weighted indicator thatgives you an instant overview of how a firm has paid its bills — and how afirm is likely to pay you!

Summary Analysis: Helps you spot trends and determine a firm's financialstrength and overall stability. You'll learn why a company has aparticular D&B Rating, and what its rating has been in the past.

Payment Summary: Highlights a firm's payment patterns by line of business,so you can see how suppliers in various industries are getting paid.

Finance: Gives you financial information, such as assets, sales,liabilities and profits. Comments summarizing the figures can enhance youranalysis.

Public Filings: Supplies you with information about lawsuits, judgments,liens, bankruptcies and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, to help youidentify activity that can affect a firm's stability.

History: Allows you to quickly evaluate the experience of the businessand business background of its principals to help you identify hiddenproblems of business potential.

Operation: Helps you understand a firm's operations, using informationabout what the business does, number of employees, a description offacilities and location, and more.