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Business Background Report
Business Background Report
The D&B Business Background Report, provides useful information on a company's history, the business background of its management, special events and recent newsworthy items D&B has learned of, and a business operation overview. The BBR does not include credit information.
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Business Background Report
Provides detailed business information about your customers, prospects and suppliers. Ideal for planning sales calls, conducting company research, or making medium-to-high risk credit decisions.
List Price: $30.99

Use a Business Background Report to help you:

  • plan for a sales call
  • research prospective employers or prepare for a job interview
  • check backgrounds of new clients
  • obtain business details for research needs
  • prepare competitive analysis

Key Business Background Report Features:

Summary: Gives you an instant snapshot of a firm with key information such as year started, sales, and net worth.

Special Events: Alerts you to major changes in a company, such as acquisitions, changes in ownership, fires, burglaries, and bankruptcies.

History: Allows you to quickly evaluate the experience of the business and business background of its principals to help you identify hidden problems of business potential.

Operation: Helps you understand a firm's operations, using information about what the business does, number of employees, a description of facilities and location, and more.